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Welcome Home

“Hi, and welcome to Beechworth. It’s here that our bakery and our traditions began. Steeped in history as this town – and this region – is, it’s a great place to live, work and visit. As the original Beechworth Bakery we have to keep on our toes to continue setting the standard because all our other bakeries strive to outdo us (and so they should).

We hope you enjoy your visit to Beechworth, and warmly invite you to our bakery – your home away from home.”

– Trina Christie
our bakery manager in Beechworth

With its wide tree-lined streets, the many 19th-century residences, the mature trees & interesting gardens and its overall park-like character, Beechworth offers the perfect backdrop for a relaxing break.

Set in the enchanting foothills of the Australian Alps, Beechworth is surely the state’s, if not the country’s, best-preserved 19th-century gold town, not in small part due to the thoughtful and sympathetic town planning.

For more information on Beechworth, go to https://www.explorebeechworth.com.au/

Open 6am to 6.30pm every day, except Christmas Day, for breakfast, lunch, snacks & early dinner.