Australians love their breakfast… all day long

And with good reason! Our brekky options are on offer all day every day because they are far too yummy to only have at breakfast time. So, relax and know that whatever takes your fancy here will be available in each of our bakeries whenever you like.

Toasties & Croissants

Egg, Bacon & Cheese
Fried egg & bacon topped with a slice of cheese between chunky slices of white bread, toasted to golden perfection.

Ham, Cheese & Tomato
A good old Aussie favourite.


Omelette Toastie
Omelette, mushroom, spinach, feta & Hollandaise sauce on Beechworth Sourdough – toasted to perfection.

Plain croissant
Served with butter & jam or Beechworth Honey.

Ham & Cheese – toastie or croissant
Tasty & satisfying – Bon appétit!

Ham, Cheese & Tomato- toastie or croissant
An old-fashioned favourite.


Tom’s Complete Muesli
A fruit & nut muesli topped with berries and yoghurt.

Breakfast Rolls & Subs

Big Brekkie Roll

Big Brekkie Roll
Bacon & egg with a hash brown, spinach, tomato chutney & cheese … hearty as!

Wagyu Meatballs Sub
Tasty meatballs in a delicious Napoli sauce, served with caramelised onion, rocket, and topped with parmesan in a crusty long roll.

Toasted Breads

Banana Bread
Toasted and buttered to perfection.

Chunky toast of your choice
White, wholemeal, multigrain (or even gluten free) – comes with butter and your choice of spread (Beechworth Honey, jams, vegemite).

Chunky Fruit Loaf
Toasted and buttered to perfection.

Chunky Sour Dough
Comes with butter and your choice of spread (jams, honey, vegemite).


Savoury Scones
Traditional scone filled with bacon, onion & cheese.

Date Scone
Traditional scone laced with an abundance of chopped dates.



Ned Kelly
Our signature pie! A hearty steak pie topped with bacon, cheese & an egg.

Sweet options

Danish Pastry
This popular breakfast favourite comes in three different flavours.

Coffee Scroll
Rolled fruit dough spread with a delicious coffee paste and topped with icing.

“Beechworth Bakery has practical and down-to-earth food that speaks to the whole family. We have food that you can eat with friends at any time, like our pies, Beestings and Snickerdoodle.”


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