Choose from the variety of delicious options below. Simply call 1300 233 784, tell us how many people you are expecting, and which options you would like! Together we’ll quickly work out the best & most cost-effective solution for your requirements.

Of course we also offer gluten free* and vegetarian options. Simply tell us what you need.

*Our Virtually Gluten Free (VGF)* range consists of products hand made with gluten free ingredients. However since they are prepared in a gluten environment, these products may contain traces of air-born gluten.

Pies & co
$7.50 / pp

Delicious mini versions of our popular pies & co range – one of each of the below per person.
Complimentary condiments included. Available hot or cold.

  • party pies
  • party quiches
  • party sausage rolls

Pies & Co

Sandwich Bar
$6.50 / pp

A variety of delicious & satisfying classic point sandwiches, in a variety of white, wholemeal and multigrain bread.
Includes 4 point sandwiches, each with the below fillings per person (order up if wanting more):

  • Egg, lettuce & mayo
  • Roast beef, fruit chutney, fresh tomato & rocket
  • Chicken, avocado & mayo
  • Ham, mustard, fresh tomato & spinach

Classic Point Sandwiches

Gourmet Rolls
$7.50 / pp

A delightful range of tasty dinner rolls to satisfy, with a variety of fillings. 2 gourmet rolls per person, they come in a mix of white, wholemeal and multigrain.

  • Pesto, chicken, rocket & aioli
  • Salami, tomato, jalapenos, mayo & spinach
  • Chicken, avocado, bacon, mayo & mustard
  • Hummus, falafels, tomato, lettuce & sweet chili sauce

Gourmet Rolls

Classic Cake Selection
$5.50 / pp

A hand selected range of iconic Beechworth Bakery favourites, perfect for morning or afternoon tea, or rounding off a great lunch. Each cake is cut in half and there is one of each per person as per below:

  • Lamington
  • Hedgehog Slice
  • Lemon Slice
  • Orange & Almond Cake

Cakes & Slices

Signature Range
$2.80 / per unit – minimum quantity: 10 per cake

An exquisite range of miniature versions of our signature products and evergreen favourites. These are made exclusively for our catering service, and must be ordered at least 5 days in advance:

  • Mini Chocolate Eclair
  • Mini Bavarian Cream Ring
  • Mini Death by Chocolate

Exclusive Mini Range

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