Could there possibly be a question that’s asked more often than this one? And yet, the answer is so simple: head to Beechworth Bakery! The only challenge – once you are in one of our bakeries – is, of course, what to choose from the large selection of delectable goodies on offer…

Whether you are looking for something different than your usual choice, a healthy & quick meal option, or you’re just plain hungry, our lunch & dinner menu is sure to make your mouth water & your tummy rejoice!

Pies plus…

Beechworth Steak Pie
Our delicious regular pie made with quality minced steak from the butcher around the corner.

Caulioccoli Pie
Cauliflower and broccoli in a cheesy white sauce – a delicious vegetarian option.

Country Chicken & Leek Pie
A tasty pie with roast chicken pieces folded through a creamy white sauce with onions & leeks.

Steak & Pepper Pie
Pie with tender steak seasoned to perfection with cracked black pepper.

Ned Kelly Pie
Our signature pie! A hearty steak pie topped with bacon, cheese & a whole egg.


Steak & Mushroom Pie
A steak pie laced with fresh sautéed mushrooms – delicious!

Steak & Potato Pie
A regular steak pie topped with creamy mashed potatoes, browned off to perfection.

We also have trial pies on offer on a regular basis
To ensure we always have the most popular pies on offer – and to keep our selection exciting, we encourage our bakers to trial new & delicious flavour combinations.

Cottage Pie – GF (no pastry)
An aromatic mince steak base full of flavour, topped with a delicious pumpkin & potato mash

Bushmans Pastie
Delicious vegetarian option choc-a-bloc full of vegies.

Sausage Roll
An all time favourite and still as good as always. Comes in regular and Jumbo size.

Spinach & Feta Roll
Yummy spinach, feta & ricotta encased in flaky puff pastry. A delicious vegetarian option.



Freshly baked focaccia filled with tender roast beef, sundried tomatoes and roast pumpkin, topped with fresh spinach, Spanish onion, chutney & tasty cheese. Deliciously satisfying!

Club Chicken
A delicious focaccia filled with avocado, seeded mustard, chicken, crispy bacon & lettuce, topped with creamy mayonnaise. Everyone’s all-time favourite!

Mediterranean Harvest
A fresh focaccia filled with avocado, sweet chilli sauce, sun-dried tomato, olives, mushroom, capsicum & onion, topped with tasty cheese. A great vegetarian choice!

The Cuban
A focaccia with salami & bacon, Spanish onion, tomato, cheese, Jalapeno & fresh baby spinach with creamy aioli. Arriba, arriba andale!

Deli Rolls & Subs

Big Brekkie Roll
Bacon & egg with a hash brown, spinach, cheese, and tomato chutney… A complete breakfast inside a delicious crusty roll.

plus lots of other delicious options


Comes in mini, quarter slice and family size.

Slice of quiche, with or without salad.

Roasted Vegetable
Slice of quiche, with or without salad.


Spinach & Feta
Slice of quiche, with or without salad.


Chicken Caesar
A delicious blend of chicken, avocado, crispy bacon, lettuce, parmesan cheese & croutons, topped with a creamy Caesar dressing. Simply irresistible!

Traditional chickpea falafels with tomato, cucumber, lettuce, hommus & sweet chilli sauce. A delicious vegetarian option.

Schnitzel & Sweet Onion
Strips of delicious chicken schnitzel with caramelized onion, tomato, lettuce, tasty cheese and mayo… in a wrap.

Schnitzel & Slaw
Strips of tasty chicken schnitzel with creamy coleslaw, lettuce & sweet chilli sauce.


A hearty sandwich filled with tender roast beef, fruit chutney, Spanish onion, lettuce, sundried tomato & tasty cheese on the Bakery’s famous sourdough rye.

Avocado & Halloumi
Grilled halloumi with avocado, tomato, rocket and aioli on our signature Beechworth Sourdough.

Turkey & Camembert
with rocket and cranberry jelly  on our signature Beechworth Sourdough.

Plus a large selection of other sandwiches
Both ready-made and made to order.

Salad of the Day

Available from September to end of May

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